Which iOS 8 and 8.1 apps do you use?

iOS 8 has been released.

Which of the major new features does it bring to the table?

If you are wondering about iOS 8.0, it is not coming until early 2017.

Apple has yet to announce the release date for iOS 8, but has promised that it will arrive “soon”.

The developer blog on the company’s website says that it “is planning to introduce a new feature in iOS 8 that will bring support for new Apple Pay and other new payment options to our users”.

What’s more, Apple has promised to update its website to include a more complete explanation of the features and functionality of iOS 8 when it launches on February 28.

It has also announced that iOS 8 will “be the first time Apple will introduce new features to our iOS device, and it will take us a few months to complete”.

iOS 8.2 What is it?

iOS 10 brings support for NFC payments, which Apple calls “NFC-enabled” devices.

The company is also working on a new “universal payment” interface for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 9 What does it include?

The first iOS 10 update will include an improved look and feel, with improved animations and support for more fonts.

It will also add a new notification area for users to receive new notifications.

The iOS 10.2 update will also include a new Settings app, and will allow for an easier way to change the default display size of your notifications.

iOS 11 What should I be expecting in iOS 11?

Apple is expecting iOS 11 to have a number of new features.

The biggest change to iOS 11 is that it should introduce support for third-party keyboards, a new Apple Watch Face and a new Notification Center.

A new App Store will also open, which will allow developers to create apps for the Apple Watch, Apple TV, iOS devices and other devices.

It is unclear whether Apple will include these apps on the Apple TV app store.

iOS 12 What features will it bring?

According to the company, the next major iOS update will be iOS 12, which should arrive sometime in 2018.

The iOS 12 update will bring new features such as support for iCloud backups, and support to “new third-parties”.

The next update to iOS 12 is expected to be iOS 13, which is expected in 2019.

What do I need to do?

As with iOS 10, it’s important to be aware of the new iOS features that are coming to your device.

If the following apps appear on your device, you can disable them: Apple Pay The new Apple Store for Apple Pay has been launched.

It provides payment options, including Apple Pay, and offers support for both debit and credit cards.

App Store For Android The App Store for Android has been added.

Facebook Facebook has announced that it is rolling out a new App for iOS users, which allows them to easily log in to Facebook.

Google Play Movies & TV The Google Play Movies app is now available on iOS.

The Google Play TV app will also be available in iOS.

NFC Pay Nfc Pay is now supported on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Podcasts, Video, Music, Movies and TV Show News RSS Feeds for iOS and Android Pilot and Newsletters are now available for Apple TV and Android devices.

More apps to come soon.

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