MSNBC’s Q&A Live: Q&As with the 2016 candidates

MSNBC is hosting a live online Q&A with the candidates running for president, with questions focused on issues like gun control, health care and foreign policy.

Here’s a recap of the questions that will be asked.

Here are some of the topics they’re likely to tackle:Is Donald Trump unfit to be president?

Presidential candidates will get an opportunity to answer this question and other questions about their positions on key policy issues, including gun control and immigration.

Can you explain why you think President Donald Trump’s comments regarding his son, Donald Trump Jr., and his firing of James Comey are not acceptable?

The president has repeatedly used the power of the presidency to fire FBI Director James Comey, and he is not a man who does not have a clear record of doing the right thing.

The president does not represent our nation, nor is he a man to be trusted with the nuclear codes.

He is a man of limited intellect, and I do not think he understands the nature of nuclear war.

Can President Hillary Clinton explain why she believes the FBI is not doing enough to investigate the mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton’s top aides, and her use of a private email server as Secretary of State?

The Justice Department’s Inspector General has been looking into the handling of classified documents on her private email system.

The inspector general found that there were serious security vulnerabilities that could have compromised information.

Is it fair to call that a “serious security vulnerability”?

This is the first time in modern U.S. history that a president is personally investigating the handling or mishandling by his administration of classified and top secret information.

It is a very serious security vulnerability, and it is something that is going to be taken very seriously.

Can the president explain why he fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe?

The acting FBI director resigned on Monday, the same day that he announced that he would not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton for her use and mishandling at the State Department of classified materials.

The American people deserve answers about what happened.

And it is the duty of the president to ask them.

Does President Bernie Sanders support Donald Trump?

President Bernie Sanders has not commented on the firing of FBI Director Jim Comey, nor has he defended his decision to fire Comey.

Sanders’ campaign released a statement saying that Sanders was not aware of the FBI director’s decision to step down until after the election.

Does Bernie Sanders agree with President Donald J. Trump’s assertion that he is the victim of a rigged election?

President Sanders says that he believes the outcome of the 2016 election was “rigged” and he believes that the election was stolen from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

President Sanders has said that he supports the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Can President Bernie support President Donald Trumps claims that he was the victim, not the perpetrator, of voter suppression in the election?

We are all a part of the democratic process, and the American people expect a fair and transparent election, not a rigged one.

President Sanders has also said that his campaign is “not interested” in engaging in a “partisan witch hunt” against President Trump.

The truth is that we have had over a decade of systematic voter suppression.

It has been done to keep African-Americans, Latinos, people of color, women, young people, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups out of the voting process.

I believe that it is a violation of the rule of law and I will continue to fight against it.

Can Democratic candidates explain why they believe Donald Trump should not be the president of the United States?

The Democrats will not tolerate a president who refuses to enforce the law, who does anything that will benefit the Republican Party or the billionaire class.

I have said that it’s time for Democrats to put forward a clear alternative to Donald Trump, and we will not take that path.

I believe that Donald Trump is not fit to serve as president.

He’s been an embarrassment to our country and the world.

I think the American public should reject him and let the election process work.

Is it fair that President HillaryClinton, who was the first female U.N. secretary-general, was fired by the White House?

President Hillary has said she is proud of the accomplishments of the U.n.

Under President Obama, the U

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