How a Harvard MBA could reshape the country’s economy

A Harvard MBA can help reshape a country’s economic future, and that’s exactly what the nation’s top business school is doing.

The School of Management is recruiting its first class of MBA graduates to work for the federal government and helping to craft the nations future, according to a report from The Hill.

With President Donald Trump poised to nominate one of his top economic advisers to run the Department of the Treasury, Harvard is looking to hire a new class of graduates to fill key positions.

“The future of our economy is at stake,” said Robert Rector, the school’s dean of the College of Business, in a statement announcing the hire.

A Harvard MBA is the first major college degree that is awarded in America and it is the only degree that prepares a person to become a top executive.

President Trump’s pick to run Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, has made a number of comments that suggest he would like to work in the White House.

Last month, Mnuchin said he would love to be the chief executive of the United States.

But the president’s pick has also been open about his interest in working in the private sector, where the bulk of his wealth is held.

And while Mnuchin’s past public service has included serving as finance chair at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and in the U,S.

Treasury, he has also worked in the corporate world, including at Goldman Sachs, which he helped found in 2007.

Harvard has hired a number a top U.N. envoy and several top Wall Street executives.

Its alumni include former President Barack Obama and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yasser Arafat.

Since the election, Mnunchin has been the subject of much criticism from conservatives, who believe he will use his post-Mnuchin experience to pursue business interests.

Critics of Mnuchin have called the move to recruit students from Harvard to work at Treasury a “white whale” that would “destroy” the school.

In fact, Harvard has been working on the idea for a while.

In 2014, the College’s dean told The Hill that the school was “really excited” to recruit new graduates to help with the economic mission of the college.

Now, they’re taking the next step in their mission to make sure the students who go to Harvard will have a real impact on the country.

This is a very important moment for the future of the country and the country is in the hands of the next president,” said Rector.

Students from Harvard are being brought into the business world to help shape the next generation of leaders.

While the school has said it would like the first batch of students to join the Treasury Department in 2019, that’s not yet a certainty.

Still, Rector told The Associated Press that the first year is “the most important” for the school and the job market for the first-generation MBA graduates is very strong.

According to the College, it expects to hire 10,000 MBA graduates in 2019.

It’s also hoping to recruit some of the best-known alumni of Harvard Business School, including some who are on Trump’s Cabinet.

One of the most popular people in finance at the moment is Warren Buffett.

Buffett has said he thinks Mnuchin would be a good choice to lead the Treasury.

Another favorite is Mark Cuban.

Cuban has said that he would be interested in working with Mnuchin and that he is already working on a potential project with Mnunchins business acumen.

More to come.

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