Admit card to card-carrying students, as they queue for admission

Admit cards for admission to undergraduate courses are now on the march across the country.

Students have been waiting in line for over three hours to apply for admission in the National Higher Education Guarantee Scheme (NHEGS), a scheme for people with less than Rs 1 lakh in their bank accounts.

Students who have completed the admission process through the NHEGS will get the option to take admission through a recruitment portal that is available only to those with a high GPA.

The portal also allows students to upload their application to be considered by the government for the next academic year.

The portal is available from the date of filing of their application for admission, from March 8 to April 14.

The deadline for applying for admission is March 18.

However, in the last two years, students have been able to apply by March 15.

While the portal was launched to cater to the students who have been denied admission through the NHDG, a large number of students have opted for the recruitment portal to apply through.

“We have already given them the option of taking admission through recruitment portal.

The admission portal is open only to students with a minimum GPA of 4.0 or above,” said Shailesh Yadav, a student who submitted his application for the online portal.

According to the NHEP website, the admission portal offers the opportunity to students who meet the minimum requirements to apply and receive a letter confirming their admission.

However students have said the recruitment option was not available to them.

“I applied for admission through NHEP but was denied admission because I am not a student of the school.

I had to apply on my own,” said another student, who is from the Bhopal University of Engineering.

However, some students who applied through the portal said that the recruitment platform was not suitable for them.

While they were happy to take the portal, they said they had to pay a fee to the government to apply.

“This is a private company that is not providing adequate services.

It is not easy to pay fees, especially when we have not got the chance to study for a semester,” said a student from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ahmedabad.

“They should have allowed us to apply online as we have already submitted our application for free.

If the government does not accept our application, we will have to pay the fee,” the student added.

Admitting students through the recruitment service could not be easy for them, said an NHP official.

The government is not in a position to accept students who do not have a good GPA or who are poor.

“The NHP does not have the resources to manage the admissions process for those who have a bad GPA or have not been able or willing to study.

There are also other issues such as the number of schools they have to enroll at.

Even the IITs admit students who are in their classes.

I cannot accept admission to these schools.

It will take some time for the government and NHP to agree on the issue,” said the official.

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