10 things we learned from our trip to South Africa

The sun is setting on South Africa’s first ever national safari and the hunt for an elusive animal has begun.

The South African Parks and Wildlife Service says the first day of the event, which starts today, will see the country’s national parks set aside for two weeks of safari activities.

There will be a “special safari” in the park known as the National Parks Adventure, where the hunt will take place.

“The National Parks, which are so important in our lives, are at their most important when they are open and accessible,” said Parks Minister John Nyon.

“That is why this adventure will be held as an opportunity for people to enjoy our national parks, and the people that work here.

The National Park Adventure will have two special events, one for those that want to experience the safari with us and enjoy the animals we see, and another for the more adventurous among us,” Nyon said.

This is the second time South Africa has held the National Park Challenge.

In 2010, South Africa won the competition and is now looking to expand its participation to the national parks of the world.

A year ago, South African officials announced plans to expand the challenge to more than 2,000 national parks around the country.

“We are going to try to get at least 3,000 more parks to participate in the National Challenge,” Nyons said.

“It’s an enormous opportunity for us to see how well our parks are performing and to make sure they are operating in a good manner.”

The first day will see about 500 animals from South Africa and more than 20 countries and territories in attendance.

The event will take places from June 21 to July 3, with more than 100 animals and a range of activities.

South Africa is also hoping to gain the world’s attention for the National Day of Rescuing, a national day of celebration in which it is hoped to attract more international attention to its conservation efforts.

Last month, the country also launched a new national park to mark the occasion.

The park, called the World Heritage Site of South Africa, is situated in the Eastern Cape, where most of the country is located.

It is expected to be open to the public for the first time in 2020.

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